Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Every Day

Less than four weeks to the 118th running of the Boston Marathon. In a turn of events, Randy Spellman and Mike Lenhart, my guides for last and this year, will not be able to run with me at the same time. Randy has graciously said he would start with me as he has had many finishes with The Greatest, Jason Pisano. Mike will take over as copilot around 20k and run with me to the finish.

I will continue to train hard for the next two weeks and then begin an active taper. There will be much going on the weekend before the marathon but most everything is within a short walking distance and not more than a couple of blocks. Lots of old and new friends to see.

And, at my third attempt, I hope to finally cross this:

To have my sweet wife Jennifer there, to see John Ryan and Kristen and running partner Jack and his brother "I Henry!" and so many friends along the course, to remember all that was and all we are, it will beyond the parts that make it the greatest footrace on our blue planet.

It will honor those we lost and those who remain. With every step, every breath, every heartbeat:

We.       Are.       BostonStrong!

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