Monday, March 17, 2014

Boston Strong Ducks!

Last week I tried to buy a Boston Strong Duck but had difficulty completing my transaction. I messaged them and they are sending me a duck to do what they talk about here (from their website):

Boston Strong Ducks was created because like so many others, I felt helpless and sad by the bombings that took place April 15, 2013 at the Boston Marathon. I wanted to do something. It needed to be uplifting when there was so much sadness, hurt and pain. Tiny little ducks helped Newtown, CT children as they took their first steps to returning to school after suffering enormous loss and tragedy. Ducks are not only cute, but they are very much a part of Boston. This is how the duck was chosen to be the one to travel and carry our message.

I started sending out 100 ducks with the positive Boston IS Strong message to facebook friends. Now, that 100 ducks has turned into 1000 ducks and that message has started traveling around the globe. People around the globe can take a picture of the duck and post it on our facebook page.  We can all connect in a positive way. Boston Strong ducks can be passed along with the message BOSTON IS STRONG, we will get back up and we will do it together.

Please share so everyone can show support!


I had been thinking where I would leave my duck, maybe even dropping it in the Atlantic Ocean to go where the currents would take it. But once told they would send me a duck, I thought how special it would be to pass the message to someone along the course to from Hopkinton to Boston on April 21, perhaps on Boylston where I could honor those not with us.

My brother Mark had a pet Duck named "Henry" which bonded with him and lived a long life. I intend to name my Boston Duck "Henry" and add Jay Pisano's message to be passed along.

Is it strange or not at all how life moves through us, beyond us, beyond our circumstance? It simply is. It is our choice to make it better. These ducks do exactly that, a gift of BostonStrong love to be shared, to make life better.


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