Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week Two

I am happy to say this one is in the books. Or blog.

Although the right hip flexor is still whining on occasion, it hasn't brought tears to my eyes either. I managed 2 tempo workouts and a long run of 12 miles today for a week's total of 44 miles. The left foot feels better and I've put more cushioned insoles in my shoe which helps. I felt I could have run much faster on the long run but had to hold back to avoid the wrath of the flexor.

This week will be lower mileage because we are headed north to see grandchild #4, Joseph Samuel Winn. The labor was easier for Becca, mother of May and wife of Mistah Chris. What a wonder to be in this life, in their lives, to see another generation being born under the wings if these loving parents. We are blessed, blessed, blessed.

Time seems to be flying by as we run toward April 21. In the past marathons seemed far away when I was in this point in my training, but Boston seems to be rushing toward us. Arms open.

To embrace the angels.


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