Sunday, January 5, 2014

Week One

I am now following the BAA's intermediate 16 week training program for the Boston Marathon on April 21. Just finished week 1 with 41 miles. I was happy to get both tempo workouts done and 11 on Sunday. I had hoped to go 12 (plan calls for 10 - 12) but the hip flexor was arguing with me so I cut it short. It did serve notice I can't let up (as I have done) on the exercises for it without paying a price.

It is going to be a real challenge to get the mileage this plan calls for and definitely some 2-a-days. I think it will mean going into work late and making up time on the weekend or digging into vacation hours. There is no doubt every second training is worth the effort to get to that Hopkinton starting line. I just hope I can remain healthy and get enough rest to push hard through this training.

15 weeks to go to one of the most anticipated races in history.

Let's do this the only way we know how:


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