Friday, June 8, 2012

Rawhide Part 2

After 10 days on an antibiotic my skin is looking much better, though not quite fully healed. I haven't run the past week since I didn't want to irritate the skin further and possibly extend my recovery time. I had thought it would have healed quicker than this, but staring at it does not seem to expedite the process.

The dark and always sweaty running prosthesis is an enhanced breeding ground for fungus and, no doubt, other wee microbes who love to feast on opportunity's hide. As I've mentioned, I am religious about cleaning my prosthetic wares, but I will be even more vigilant from here on out. There is a good article on this topic here.

I bought a bucket large enough to soak both of my liners in a bleach solution, and will clean them even more diligently with antibacterial soaps, hydrogen peroxide, and rubbing alcohol. Also at night I will use an athlete's foot spray on the residual. Now isn't that ironic, getting athletes foot where I have no foot at all? Cute, running gods, and well played indeed.

The Ugly - June 1, 2012

The Almost Good To Go

I still do not know if I will have to requalify for Boston, I will be checking on that next week again and see if someone will be kind enough to talk to me. If not, I have about 11 weeks until my next marathon, once again being woefully unprepared for a race. It will be a slow one and I only plan to get my rusting carcass across the finish line in one piece without further injury.

There are promises to be kept and I mean to keep them.

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