Thursday, March 29, 2012

Go the Distance

I began watching "Field of Dreams" last night while on the treadmill, and many memories and thoughts floated up through the images. I have some personal history with the book, but tonight a couple of the movie scenes became more poignant. One was the excerpt below and the other was seeing the Citgo sign over Fenway Park, a sign to a runner of a Great Thing.

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In the movie Shoeless Joe Jackson is talking about being banned from professional baseball for life. And the pain he had was...

"Like having a part of me amputated, slick and smooth and painless." Joe looks up at me and his dark eyes seem about to burst with the pain of it. "A friend of mine use to tell about the war, how him and a buddy was running across a field when a piece of shrapnel took his friend's head off, and how the friend ran, headless, for several strides before he fell. I'm told that old men wake in the night and scratch itchy legs that have been dust for years. That was me. Years and years later, I'd wake in the night with the smell of the ballpark in my nose and the cool of the grass on my feet. The thrill of the grass..."

-  Shoeless Joe from "Shoeless Joe" (W.P. Kinsella)


That is me. I don't think so much of the cool of the grass, but I do think of a cold North Carolina mountain stream, and my two doggies dangling blue in it.

Blue as the deep endless sky.

All around.

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