Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Back in the Saddle

My physical therapy with Dr. Will Avery of Private Therapy Services will soon be coming to an end unless I choose to extend it a couple of sessions. I must continue many of the routines to keep my left leg strong and the knee free from undue stress. This may be my new lunch hour activity.

I am not back to my running groove yet, the longest run to date was 4.25 very slow miles last Sunday. My knee did not bother me in the least, but my residual has taken up the whining slack. I can feel at the distal end of the fibula where it seems the bone is rubbing over a ridge; it may be the skin is being pulled across the bone and the socket needs to be a wider there.

At my last therapy session I asked Will if he could hear the actual sound this makes, as I wasn't sure if what I thought I was hearing was correct. Yes, he could hear a muted 'thump' as I moved the socket back and forth. After this session I called ProCare for a followup to see if we can get this attended to before I start piling on the miles in preparation for the late summer marathon. It is somewhat painful and the discomfort is very distracting to the runner.


I am not sure when my next race will be, likely May or maybe June. We will be doing the beloved and horrendous Hannibal Cannibal in July, where I crashed and burned last year running the 10k. Since it has a been a year I may utilize my Stupid Card and try it again. Or perhaps the 5k and leave the card at home.

As my next goal race is a marathon in August, I will not be competing much over the hot summer months.  I will train to requalify for Boston and not take chances on hurting myself and particularly my knee. My training will be geared toward that goal only, and then next year I will be putting more effort into the dream that is running Boston.


My plan is to try to run 6 miles this Sunday if the residual does not bother me too much. I'll ease back into the routine through April, taking extra days off to make sure the last of the recovery is not compromised. Beginning in May it will be back to the future...taking a detour through Sonoma and Napa could be far worse than...well...hmmm....

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