Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jato is (Almost) Famous

My amazing running prosthesis from ProCare with a technologically advanced electric elevated vacuum system was recently featured in an Ohio WillowWood post here. As older readers of this blog may know, I named my running leg "Jato."

I wear the Ohio WillowWood LimbLogic VS elevated vacuum suspension on my walking prosthesis too. I had tried a mechanical vacuum system, but due to the length of my residual limb I could not have a very good prosthetic foot beneath it. With the much smaller and lighter LimbLogic VS pump, I was able to get brand new Freedom Innovations Renegade AT foot you can see here. Both are incredible!

So why do people choose one type of pump over another? That's a post for another day, but I think it is something of a personal preference and the particular circumstance(s) like mine. Electric pumps do make a low-level noise when they operate for a few seconds to maintain vacuum, and in some places that is unacceptable. I have found once I tell anyone around me who asks aloud "what is that noise?" that they tend to place the sound as part of the ambient noise that surrounds us every day. For the most part, when I am running, I never hear the pump operate.

The fact is elevated vacuum puts the residual limb in a healthier environment. For me, it feels more natural, and for my running, it provides unique benefits that plague other suspensions. As I am writing this I know I need to write in more detail, so I am going to save it for a post about my three prostheses soon.

The thought just occurred to me that I haven't named my everyday prosthesis yet. Hmmm...suggestions?

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