Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sweet Week

As I sit here watching Le Tour and thinking about my long run coming up this evening, I am remembering what a good week I have had training and how my fund raising for IFOPA has given me an additional boost for my marathon goal in January. I am so fortunate to have friends and families who have contributed to this cause. It is my hope that one day this disease that so few know about will be easily diagnosed and cured.


I did speed work on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. On Tuesday I ran a total of 7 miles with a 6 x 800 interval session at a moderate effort. Thursday I started with 5 easy miles on the treadmill, then did a 3 mile tempo run out in the heat and humidity. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't feel more stressed in the hot weather, which has always sapped a huge chunk of time out of me in my past running days. This gives me hope when the weather turns cooler that my times will continue to march toward those of my old abled-bodied self.

I ran a single 100m semi-sprint after my Tuesday 800s, and found not only was it well north of my intact times, but indicated I should do some drills to improve my form. I did not feel comfortable lengthening my stride, which resulted in a short, choppy gait that lost time with every step.

Next week will be an easy week for me, I'll cut my mileage and do perhaps a single tempo workout with a longer run of no more than 8 miles. Then a similar week as this one before bumping the mileage up again.  As of now I want to be up to 50 mi/wk with a long run of 15 - 16 miles before going into dedicated marathon training. I will err on the conservative side as I do not want some silly injury wrecking my training.


My long run went extremely well. I felt rather average but never under stress other than what was expected. My plan was to go 13 but felt good enough after 12 to adjust my course to take me to a new high of 14 miles. The week's mileage is also a minor new high of 41; not particularly a big deal but it's been since the week of May 17 - 23 that I have had a 40 mile week due to socket and fit problems.

My leg looks really good after the long run, no noticeable hot spots. I have to give props to Aquaphor which seems to really help avoid those aggravations.

Next week will be an easy one, and we head to Valdosta, GA, for the wedding of my friend and fellow gimp Scott Rigsby. Having been the first bilateral amputee Ironman finisher at Kona, I am thinking he needed the ultimate challenge. :-) It's going to be great to see Scott and his beloved, as well as many of the people I have met this past year, most at the Getting2Tri National ParaTriathlon Camp back in March.

I'll have some fun workouts this week, including working in my sprint, well, alleged sprint form, and perhaps a beach run next Sunday. I have yet to run on our hard-packed beach yet, so it should be fun. Don't know if I need a mad dog license, but we'll find out.


  1. I found you through Joe. He warned me that I would never sleep through my alarm again after reading your blog- I went back a few posts, caught up on you a little and I have to say, I think joe is right!

  2. Joe is a great guy and I am looking forward to running with him - well at least on the same course - at next year's Cooper River Bridge Run. Come join us!

    Thank you for the kind words. I am reading some of your blog now and I am on the same page that a longer race doesn't necessarily mean a harder race. Ask any miler about toughness.

    Good luck in your tris and have fun!

    - Richard