Saturday, July 31, 2010

Marathon Planning

This morning I decided it was a good time to write out my marathon training plan. I am going to follow a Jack Daniels program from 1996 with a few variations; I ran my best marathon at Chicago in 1997 with this plan, just falling short of my Boston qualifier due to cramping hamstrings.

I started searching my old paper running logs for a few things: my past yearly mileage totals, my modified Daniels plan, and my first marathon training times at Kiawah in 1991. On November 18, 2007, after many prior entries about my sore ankle I wrote: "unable to run." It was my epitaph as a runner. My entries afterward were spotty, about treadmill walks and short jogs, cycling, but mostly there are blank pages. Lots and lots of blank pages.

What stopped me for a while was what I had written on the back cover from my 2006 log while still an able-bodied runner. It was from a book my wife Jennifer had given to me, and it is this: 

"Now I will turn the miracle into routine. The amazing will be seen every day." 

Now, 4 years later, this amputee runner is living in that future. I know there are no guarantees in life and every day is a gift, but I feel - I know - I have a destiny to fulfill. I think about it every day. Were I not to make the starting line I would still be there. Nothing can stop me now.

Not a missing foot. Nothing.

P.S. I have finally named my bike after a couple of years of being "My Bike." Jennfer and I road 10 miles last Sunday and the name came to me as I dismounted at the end: Richard Parker or "RP." Yep, perfect.


  1. Great post, Richard. Many thanks for this. There is a long way to go in any journey that means something, and this one will travel its course, for sure. Every day the image of that start line must be clear as day. It will be here soon enough. Keep going, keep living and enjoying all that we have.

    PS like the new look, too :)

  2. Thanks again for you support, Ian, it goes a long way in these hot training runs. Just got back from a fellow amputee's first triathlon, what a good day it has been.

    And thanks for the "new look" comment. It's been fun getting the new template tweaked. Jennifer likes it too so with two positive votes I guess it passes muster.

  3. Richard -

    So great to read about your training plan Genesis for your upcoming full. This is a journey that even though I can hardly wait to find out the ending - I know every step is going to be incredible to follow.

    Best to you Richard as you begin your "official" training cycle.

    You are the man.

  4. Hi Joe,

    I'm going to have a moderate plan for Charleston, then more aggressive as I learn the amp ropes for going long.

    Hope to recover enough to run well at CRBR!

    - Richard

  5. Ah, the good old RW Daniels plan! I remember it well and had pretty good success with it. I'll be interested to see how it works for you.

  6. Hey jaydee,

    I ran my best time with it, so I figured it had a good track record. What did you use/like these days?

    I am training quite a bit slower than then, but will have similar mileage, hopefully it will get me to the finish line in daylight!

    - Richard

  7. Joan D'AlonzoAugust 8, 2010 at 2:01 PM

    Well, I've only run one marathon in the last three years, and I didn't have much of a plan for that, other than making sure I had done two 20-milers. When I ran my PR, I did my long runs with a friend and we pushed each other to keep the pace at marathon pace. I do think MP runs are important if you want to run a particular pace, to get your body used to that pace. I remember the Daniels plan having a fair amount of MP work, as well as a lot of threshold training. Have fun!

  8. Thanks Joan...I have those MP runs planned, just don't know exactly what time I will target but will have a better idea after my half.

    Come run with us!

  9. I'd love to come run with you! Not sure yet if I can swing it but I'm working on it.

  10. I imagine it will be very hardware friendly for you Joan...who knows, another win? ;-)