Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ashley Kurpiel - Please Nominate for Nobel Prize

I thought of this last night, and would like to start a grassroots push for this award for my friend Ashley. Here is what I posted on Facebook:


I think Ashley should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize or the Medicine Prize. If you are or know someone who can nominate, please contact them:

I believe Ashley's courage and positive outlook on life and her work in fostering awareness for FOP gives her the unique qualification for this award. She is a bright light in all humanity and deserves this recognition for her life's achievements.


 Ashley Kurpiel

I wrote about Ashley here.

Please read and/or research her story, and if you are on the nominating committee or know a nominator, please encourage them to give Ashley Kurpiel the consideration for a prize.

Also please spread the word as you can with links to her YouTube video or other pages as you find appropriate.

Thank you.

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