Monday, February 1, 2010

Sweetness and Light

There is one person who has gone down this long road with me, who is strong and courageous and understands the why of it all. She never waivered in her support, and knew I had to do this and did not try to protect me from failure. She has been on a quiet, steady path to help me obtain my running prosthesis.

We have long run together, enjoying visiting fellow runners at out of town races or with friends at local events. Having coffee out of a thermos after a cold winter 5k is something I have sorely missed with her...and how I missed all that, unable to go to some races because of the pain of not being able to participate with her. The caged bird will never lose the desire to fly.

Jennifer is a longtime swimmer, runner, and triathlete, having run most distances up to the marathon as well as sprint, olympic, and half ironman distance triathlons. One of my nicknames for her is SLF - Swims Like Fish - because she has such a natural affinity for the water. She defines determination, because all she has to do is hear "you can't" to turn that into "I did."

So I want to thank my wife Jennifer for being the one who completes me. In this lifetime relay, we go together, hand in hand.


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