Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tar Heels Unite

Brian Frasure competing (right)
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Tomorrow I go back to Floyd Brace for a 'stump check' but it looks to me that I need one more week before I can be fitted for my new foot. Jennifer is going to meet me there and go to the seminar afterward.

For an update, the remaining scab on my incision does show signs of wanting to bite the dust but I cannot seem to evict it until it decides to vacate the premises. As one amp told me, "Like mommy said, don't pick at the scabs." Mom was right although we constantly had to test her.

Larry Wiley, my CP, told me at my last visit in passing that Brian Frasure was going to be at a seminar I will be attending after my office visit tomorrow. I guess I was a little overwhelmed with all we talked about that day, and I didn't think about it until later.

I wrote Larry yesterday and asked if he had said what he said and he said yes. I can't wait!

Brian's bio and long list of accomplishments are here. For me to be able to speak to such a champion is quite an honor indeed. I hope to be able to get some tips and advice on amp running, particularly the thing that is worrying me most, what to do with a bucket of sweat that my liner will gather in humid summer running. Brian and I were both born in North Carolina, so we have that in common, along with one heel apiece. I believe I edge him out on the number of toes. = :-)

More on this after tomorrow! I have to do my PT which I've managed to miss for the past two days. Nearly all of my pants are starting to get quite tight and I need to get back to running to burn 70,000 calories which is 20 pounds of flab.

It's win-win.

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