Saturday, May 2, 2009

The OO and I

This is my wife Jennifer and I on Loch Lomond, Scotland, in September 2005. This was quite a dream vacation and other than flight problems leaving the States on US Air - compensated by being changed to British Airways and the best customer service I have experienced in my lifetime of flying.

I mention BA because I am 6'1" (age has shrunk me a wee bit) and along this time my ankle started swelling whenever I sat for a long time. As we slid into our cabin seats the attendant asked if I would like an exit row so I'd have extra room to stretch out a bit. I've never been asked that on any other airline. So I duff me cap to yea, BA!

During my last foot surgery I was less mobile and in more pain than now. Jennifer had to haul my carcass to work and pick me up in the evening for around 6 weeks. I could not tolerate having my foot much below my heart as the pain was excruciating...if you are a Bears fan and lose to Green Bay you know what I mean. She packed my lunch every day, took care of feeding the animals, cleaning the litter box, watering the potted plants, pretty much everything around the house.

This time I am more mobile and able to do things without the level of discomfort I had last time; but there is a physical change that is a bit more obvious to the casual observer. While I was in the aircast I could balance on it a little if needed, with the amputation that is slightly more difficult.

Jennifer had pneumonia back in March and I got the b-strain flu days after she was diagnosed so I couldn't even help her much through her illness. Here I am with my foot cut off - once again gimped up with Mother's Day around the corner - not able, along with the alleged assistance of sous chef brother Mark "The Cleaver" Blalock, provide Mother's Day dinner replete with kitchen cleanup and adult conversation with all moms present. The History and Military Channels are strictly off-limits to affirm the solemnity of the day's events. Most of the time anyway.

The OO, or Omnipotent One, (legendary for her to control of raceday weather for anyone other than herself and kin), a.k.a. Sweetness and Light, takes magnificent care of the Footless Patient, and I am obviously deeply in her debt. I am confident next year I will be up and about without any foot excuse whatsoever, and The Cleaver and I will be back to our Mother's Day tradition.

Tomorrow we restart our back to work routine, but we did make plans and a partial dry run for when I can drive again. That day should come sooner than later; and with a little luck we'll be driving to the races later this year. There's a good chance it will be raining that fine day, but believe me, it will be a good day to run.

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