Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

I did not get my dry run into work as most of the day it was raining or threatening to rain. That and the fact I stayed up too late, slept late, did my PT then slept most of the afternoon away all dissuaded me from this arduous task. That I was just bone lazy had nothing to do with it.

We did drive over the rivers and through the woods to Mark and Debbie's house for Mother's Day. When we got there I found going up the few steps up into the house was a bit more challenging on crutches with one foot instead of two feet with one encased in an aircast. The bottom steps aren't so bad, but the top step suddenly has a vanishing handrail, only a column for steadying myself. I don't feel very confident, turn around, and take a seat on the porch. My entourage slides a foot stool over for me which I pull up on, recrutch myself and hop into the house and into a comfy chair.

We are listening to "Memory of Running" on the iPod while traveling. We started it a few months ago but haven't taken a trip for several months; with Jennifer toting me to work we cranked it up again. With the overcast skies, the book, and my now pensive mood, I started thinking again about my lost foot. I know, it's strange and morbid but I think about it sometime, that part of me, my body, just tossed away, likely cinders now, and they don't even have cinder tracks anymore.

I promised myself I will find what happened to me, someday, just to know for sure. I do know it is sent to pathology somewhere, and it is likely cremated and disposed of as biohazardous waste. I did read in some cases it can be sent to s funeral home for cremation and burial. I wish I had been at least given that last option.

Tomorrow I will drive myself to work if the weather cooperates. It has been quite dry and our yard needs the water. Jen is doing a good job keeping the plants happy but with everything else she has to do the rain is welcomed in our garden.

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