Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Endings, Beginnings

Krystle Campbell, Martin Richard, Lingzi Lu, & Sean Collier
Jennifer and I are home safe as is everyone we know who was at Boston on Monday. I have been trying to process all that has happened since we left for the marathon last Saturday, for the senseless, cowardly act whose intent was to take innocent lives and commit terrorism.

There is no justification for this violence, and I find it abhorrent that some think America is somehow responsible in irrational thinking.

I wasn't sure how I would handle my thoughts on what has happened, but I think taking you on the same journey we traveled may be best, although it is tempered by what has happened.

I know it is not possible to ease the grief in the loss of life; it is not possible to know the depth of our love until pain overwhelms it. For those who have lost their lives, those still fighting, and those who have long recoveries ahead of them, our thoughts and prayers flow out to you.

As an amputee, I know we handle the loss of a part us differently. Limb loss is far different than loss of life and in time life may indeed be impossibly sweeter. I know this to be true.

We will run the marathon in 2014. We will remember those we have lost and celebrate the living, magnificent people of Boston. The cheers will not be for the runners.

This will be for you.


P.S. It may be some weeks before I am able to post what happened over marathon weekend. I am not ready and there is not time ether at the moment. Please continue to pray for the victims and their families. May time work to heal their wounds and ease their pain.


  1. Hi Richard - I really cannot begin to imagine all that you and your family has gone through since leaving the low country for Boston. Just know that you have been in my thoughts and prayers the whole way. I have changed my race plans specifically to run my next marathon prior to September registration for Boston 2014 and I will plan on seeing you there. Perhaps we can arrange to run our shakeout on Sunday together. Looking forward to seeing you there.


    1. Thank you Joe. My focus is entirely on the race next year, everything I do will be for that day. I hope to see you there.

  2. Nice post hon. I can't think of it without crying still. Next year will be wonderful!