Sunday, September 23, 2012

Life of Me

Questions easy. Answers hard.

One action silences many words.

Find in your own will a way.

Cynicism is cyanide to the spirit.

Being silent for truth is more damning than shouting the lie.

You stand and fight or you quit. You can lose two ways but win only one. And winning is not always first place.  

Follow your heart, not others.

Courage is taking a stand when the outcome is uncertain.

Be not say.

When perfect, you may criticize. 
Having fallen, be silent again.

Death is patient. Death does not quit.
Life is impatient. Life does not quit.
Do not quit.

Prejudice is the last bastion of ignorance.

There is no comfort in the thinking, only in the doing.

Don't tell me what you can't do.
Show me what you can do.

If I wanted to be liked by everyone I'd change my name to Bacon.

Aging is the ultimate adversary.

There is little worth seeing and nothing worth remembering along the easy road.

One shortcut to glory is demeaning to all.

A friend is not someone who does things for you. A friend is for you.

An excuse is a transparent cover over the deep well that is regret.

Love is not always easy but it is always worth the love.

Courage is often heroic. It is also the ability to see tomorrow.

Should we live for one million years, it will not be enough time at the end.

Love wins over hate. Humor takes second place.



Giving birth

Newborn on passionflower leaf

Consuming passionflower

Time to sleep, to dream

Time to fly

Courage transcends mortality.

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