Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fleet Foot

Blessing of the Fleet 10 mile race - view from my treadmill
Randy Spellman, best friend and brother to Jay Pisano, ran the Blessing of the Fleet 10 mile race at Narragansett, RI. This was a tribute to a favorite race of Jay's as you can read here, and a couple of earlier races here and here.

In Randy's own words: "Our trip to Jason Pisano's favorite race on the opening day of the Olympic Games was a great way to pay tribute to our own champion."


I am not quite in shape to run 10 miles yet, definitely not ready to race that distance. Still, the thought came to me to map the course for my treadmill and run it over the next few workouts. I did about 4 miles of it on Saturday and did my 8 miles on the course today, having to restart my effort after a power outage.

It was impossible not to think of seeing Jay on this course in my mind's eye, of being on the same road the he and Randy had done so many times before. I know I cannot quite imagine how the day went for Randy, of being there for so many years with Jay and missing him this day. Randy did tell me he hoped to find someone who needed his help, which tells you the strength of his character and desire to remember his brother on this day.


Back of Randy's race shirt
I was incredibly honored to share a spot on Randy's race day shirt. I love to say "It is a good day to run" on the starting line, usually to myself but I recall getting a laugh before a rainy start of the Myrtle Beach marathon some years ago. I like to think no matter what conditions we face that it is always a good day to run.

Something tells me Jay would understand this, more likely knew it already. It would have been something we could have talked about. Often the worst of times are the ones we remember most clearly, of the obstacles overcome on our path up.

We are on our way to 53.

April 15, 2013.

We will run...with The Greatest.

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