Thursday, January 13, 2011

Keep. Moving. Forward.

The title of this post is one of the mantras I use when the going gets tough on longer runs. Even if I am slowing down and losing race time, you don't get to the finish line unless you move toward it. So if I am tired and wanting to stop and maybe even sit for a while, I first try this: Keep. Moving. Forward.

The Charleston Marathon is in less than two days. I have decided to try not to talk about the things I have no control over, the things like lost training time I cannot change or fix. My goal remains to complete the race, and to do this I will need to run slow and see if I can indeed finish. A faster time will have to wait for another day, this day will be special in many other ways.

Ashley's mom Carol wrote to me concerned they will probably not be able to come for the race. It's a long drive in good conditions, but even a little ice on the road would be treacherous and there can be no chance for Ashley to fall getting in and out of the car. I often imagined how it would be to see Ash at the finish line, but there is another one we all want to see and you can help here.

This would afford me the opportunity to run the marathon on another day. I could drop to a shorter distance on Saturday, take some time to dial in my new prosthesis, and get the quality training I need to run a the way I feel I am capable of later. Yet even with these things considered I find I cannot turn back now, something inside compels me to Keep. Moving. Forward.

The one shoe I will be wearing on Saturday
There will only be one inaugural Charleston Marathon, the very race, if not the course, that I have long dreamed about. If I decided not to do it I would certainly carry that regret - and too many excuses - around in the baggage compartment. No thanks.

Tomorrow is going to be one busy day. Four hours of work, then hoping my new prosthesis makes it to me in time to test, make and send video of walking and running to the Stephen Schulte at ProCare for a quick visual assessment of my alignment, go to the packet pickup and pasta dinner, then home to make sure all race items are accounted for and perhaps time for a quick pre-race post.


It is hard to believe that race day is nearly here, it has seemed like a dream in many ways. One I will wake up from to tell Jennifer, you won't believe this, I dreamed I was a one-footed guy trying to run a marathon on ridiculously low mileage and a brand new prosthesis. Thing is, I am wide awake and yes, I am doing these things.

I am lucky to be able to run again. More than that, how many runners get to experience running their first marathon twice? Running does love me, and I running. Just when I thought I could not love it entirely new universe opens and embraces me. And for that I have few words, but plan to do the doing on Saturday.





  1. good luck and great mantra!

  2. Thanks Karyn. I know how you got so fast, I absorbed all of your slowness now! :-)

    - Richard

  3. keep moving. forward. make history. see you after the race.