Sunday, April 11, 2010

Long Run Nyet

My long run today was tough and the pleasure quotient was sub prime. Other than being overdue for a compensatory 'bad run,' I think two other things contributed to my less than stellar performance. First, I am recovering from a nuclear allergy attack that left me running a low grade temperature and therefore a likely infection. I was not running a temperature this morning but the past few days my HR was elevated so I knew my body was not 100%.

I was prepared to take it slow and just get the distance in. My plan was to run 12, maybe 13 if I felt good. I never felt comfortable and my mile times slowed; my HR was high and I was not really enjoying myself. I was running around Rivertowne and the country club where I have put many miles on the roads. It had been a couple of years since I had been back there and not much had changed with the sluggish economy putting home building in a choke-hold.

At about the 8-mile mark I decided the best thing for me was to head home. Just over 9 miles I started having an odd sensation in my stump. There was no skin irritation, but I think when I went postal on my socket last weekend that most of the pressure got transferred to the distal end of my residual and it was not happy with carrying a larger load.

I ended up jogging - yes jogging - the last mile and Gallowalking, something I really don't care for, and ended with about 10.5 miles. Once home I was limping with the sore stump but this evening it is better. Since I have a socket fitting at Floyd Brace tomorrow I will likely get my socket diagnosis confirmed by Larry.

With a new socket, blade, and body fully recovered, my 5k PR is going down hard on the 22nd. And this run? It will make that day glow brighter, especially since it is an evening run!

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