Sunday, March 14, 2010

2010 G2T National ParaTriathlon Training Camp

Jennifer and I are honored to be a part of the G2T National ParaTriathlon Training Camp this year.

I came across the Getting2Tri Foundation some time ago, probably early in 2009. Make no mistake, I am not a triathlete, Jennifer is. I starting following Mike Lenhart (@G2Tprez) on Twitter and was captivated by his reporting on Jason Gunter's Ironman experience. Mike asked me to come to the camp as an athlete, and this placed me in a real quandary. I have given some consideration to doing tris, but I am, as you likely know by now, a runner first and foremost and sometimes last.

However, having the opportunity to meet these amazing athletes was very tempting, so I was in a pickle of a dilemma. I finally decided, no, I need to focus on my running. Riding my bike has so far irritated the distal end of my residual limb and I don't want to be sidelined by an avoidable injury.

Mike Lenhart (left), founder of G2T and Ironman Scott Rigsby

I relayed this to Mike and he immediately shot back a request that I come and serve as a technical adviser on the running staff. Well that was a game changer, and the answer was an unqualified YES.

This Wednesday we pack up the Pilot and head to Atlanta. I haven't been there in many years aside of passing through the airport. At the camp we will get to meet some of the most inspiring people this planet has to offer, including Scott Rigsby, Jason Gunter, Mike Lenhart, Tom Martin, Kelly Luckett, and someone who defines, who is the word "courage," my friend and superstar Ashley Kurpiel. And there will be others I have yet come to know, but that loss will be short-lived.

Again and again I am reminded how lucky I am. I lost a foot and gained a entirely new life.

To quote The Who, "I'd call that a bargain, the best I ever had."


  1. Have a great trip. Sure this will be fabulous experience for you guys. Let us know how it all goes. All the best!

  2. Hi Ian,

    Yes, we are really looking forward to this event and meeting some extraordinary people. The time will go by too quickly, I am sure of that.

    Blog posts will follow!