Thursday, September 3, 2009

Training Wheels

What will constitute the goal of "I am running again"? Like many goals, it is a process that is achieved over time. This goal for me has two parts; the first is to be able to walk 3 miles in comfort, then starting a walk/jog (a sort of gimp-fartlek plan) as I extend the jog part as I can.

My specific criteria is to be able to jog (I hate the word but I have to use it) one mile to meet the goal of running again.

As a bit of history to put my goal in perspective, when I first started running as an endeavor, it was to go around our block (Wannamaker / Jahnz Aves.) in Summerville, SC, at Salisbury Acres. The distance was about 0.8 miles. My foot was run over by the school bus on Wannamaker Avenue. When I do the Flowertown race next year, I will take a pic of the exact spot.

I have been thinking I need to get a runner's log. I have used many of the years, but always preferred the John Jerome paper journal. I don't have anything for 2009, and it looks like the Marty Jerome (his son) has taken over the log and changed it for the worse. I may just get a simple daily planner book for the rest of this year to log my walk/runs.

I love looking at my old running logs. In my handwriting, they are more tied to that history than an Excel spreadsheet. The ink on the page is usually right after a run, with times transferred from whatever watch I was currently using. Writing in my log felt like a little present to me for my hard work, and adding up the miles was seeing a goal visibly achieved. Makes me want to dig them out and take a peek right now. So...

See ya! = :-)

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