Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rick Ball Named to Team Canada!

Today I learned Rick Ball has been named to Team Canada for the Paralympics in London in 2012! Not only this but Rick will be carrying the Olympic Torch for a leg across Canada in 2010!

Rick had been a godsend to me, answering any questions I've had about amputee running and going the extra mile to offer advice to help me avoid future problems like this last one I had with my knee.

As I wrote on his Facebook page: "I'm already looking forward to seeing you are a tremendous representative for the sport, for your country, and for humanity."

In a world that confounds us at times and makes less sense at others, we do find individuals who raise our stock as human beings. I would have never come to know Rick on a more personal level had I not become who I am today, a runner without a foot. This world would have been largely unknown to me, here but not seen in this crystalline focus. The Olympic ideal is personified in Rick Ball.

Rick has a massive amount of training ahead of him and I wish him every success in the Paralympics. Knowing how I feel about getting a plastic trophy for an AG award, I cannot imagine the pride and sense of accomplishment Rick feels today...and he deserves every iota of the experience.

Congratulations Rick! Run Like Hell in Two Thousand Twelve!

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